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Jamaican Entertainers Advocate for Barack Obama's Second Term

US President Barack Obama
With today being the grand finale and day of reckoning for what critics describe as the most expensive US presidency campaign and most highly anticipated election, several Jamaican entertainers have been using twitter and blackberry messenger to remind persons to vote for Barrack Obama.  One entertainer sent a broadcast on bbm (blackberry message) that read, "Election Day is today! Time to make Obama a 2nd term president!!! Tell your friends: text POLLS to 62262 to confirm your polling location & get ready  to vote."  Another read, "Vote Obama today nuh mek dem trick you."  On twitter one interesting tweet by a Jamaican entertainer being circulated read, "mek sure you go out and vote for  Obama don't give no f#@&$$ up excuse bout your dog was sick, ur cat needs milk! just go and vote." The expectation among Jamaicans in Jamaica are highly favorable for the sitting United States President Barack Obama. Jamaica like the rest of the world watch and wait the outcome of the US General Elections November 2012 as the race for Presidency intensifies.