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Jamaican 'Badman Style?' Think Gangnam

We keep fussing about Jamaican Dancehall music, wanting it to so badly represent and follow trends of the Legendary Bob Marley, founding fathers and icons of the Reggae genre but in most cases where a Dancehall song takes flight from the Jamaican shores it's the complete opposite.  Recently Reggae and Dancehall artistes Mega Banton, Singer Jay and G-Loc remixed the over 400 million youtube viewed Gangnam Style song originally done by Korean Hip-Hop artiste PSY (Park Jae-Sang) to their own liking, "Jamaican Badman Style" and the ratings have already shot through the roof.  

Well using all the trending Jamaican slangs most Dancehall fans are saying the song, "sick," "shat," "maddd" and the more trendy, "slap whey!" Yup! It is what it is, they love it. The lyrics are anything short of harsh and the artistes seem to be enjoying every moment of recording the video for the song.  Could it be that some of us just read too much into what is being said in these songs?  Do the fans really take these lyrics seriously? While you contemplate, the "Jamaican Badman Style" creeps into the public space and could possibly become a Xmas hit! Did I say that? Ouch! Yaad man style..ouch again! contagious maybe...

By Sophia McKay