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Doza Medicine Throws his Weight Around in the Twin Islands

Doza Medicine Performs on "Ice" in Tobago
Doza Medicine the 'Whine Up U Body n Gwaan' former Portmore Empire/Gaza artiste has been actively responding to the demand of a likely personal fan base in the making in Trinidad.  Recently, Doza visited the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago to make scheduled multiple appearances which resulted in a satisfactory feedback from the fans and a successful trip for the artiste.

Trini Reggae/Dancehall fans have been ardent supporters of the 'Portmore Empire/Gaza' crew which became prominent after a lyrical confrontation between Dancehall's controversial DJs Vybz Kartel 'D Teacha' and the 'Gully Gad' Mavado.  In it's hay-day, the Vybz Kartel lead Gaza crew was a hot commodity and in high demand across Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean until things took a plunge among crew members and their boss, Vybz Kartel. Internal issues leaked to the media and damning reports surfaced. Popular Gaza students left the crew as Kartel grapple to maintain a good outlook of his empire. But the fans had already seen the potential of many of his young students and were already talking about them so it would have only been a matter of time before the fans started to gravitate to these Gaza bred artistes.  It happened sooner than later, Vybz Kartel was imprisoned then one by one, the talents emerged with a multiplicity of creative and innovativeness.  Positive or negative the messages they sent said little, their style and uniqueness said it all.  

Doza Medicine hang around his Portmore community and watched close friends and former crew members do their thing.  Everyone knows him; some believes he's shy while others thinks he is scared, but Doza does not agree with those views, in his mind he is the best and only time will tell. 

Popcaan &  blaze a orward to Doza's performance
As Doza rocked his Trini audience, see their reaction and feel their energy it all came back. He performed in St. James, San Fernando along with Sheba, Beetham for the President and Tobago sharing stage with Popcaan who headlined a poolside party called "Ice."

Females "Whine up Dem Body n Gwaan"
When Doza touched the stage in Beetham, "the fence drop down when me leave" he said.  While his performance in Tobago was, 'the sickest, the people dem literally cry eye wata fi me, them nuh waan me leave."  Doza's confidence took a boost, he returned to Jamaica satisfied and ready to move forward in making his presence felt, in Dancehall.

Written by Sophia McKay