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Bramma Blast Konshens for Using his 'Gorilla' Slogan

A rather upset Bramma 'Da Gorilla', has taken to twitter to voice his frustration on what he believes is a deliberate attempt to derail a promotional stint created by him to enhance his career. Popular Reggae/Dancehall artiste Konshens who is widely known across the local and international reggae music industry is the perpetrator.  Bramma said Konshens had not only been making references of himself using the slogan (now being heavily promoted); but has recorded a song using it.  The contentious slogan is, "Gorilla."

"Bredda you a one a di hottest ting ina dancehall and me happy fi you, me proud a you youth, we suppose to be bredrin" Bramma said, "If you a go sey Gorilla, me keep Gorilla Bash plus it write up inna de community whe de two a we live.  Me nuh have a problem wid you a sey Gorilla jus gimmi me props dawg, a whey do some man?"  Bramma who recently put his signature to a management agreement with S-Lock Entertainment has been up and about shooting videos and recording music to unleash on Reggae and Dancehall fans throughout the rest of the year.  At least two videos are out for tracks 'Bad Me Bad' on the Face Off riddim and Love Sensimellia produced by British Reggae artiste Gappy Ranks.

"A me madda first call me Gorilla enuh, so me decide fi try a ting wid da slogan deh.  Konshens buss a ready so people a go believe sey a me pirate him ting.  me nuh inna da sumn deh! De man dem nuh understand di business, dem fi stop suppress artiste when dem on to something and a look it.  Di business require dat now cause nuff a dem run out a idea. You inna a path an a gwaan bredda, whey yah look back fah?  Continue pon da path deh an open doors.  A Konshens seh keep bad mind out a me heart enuh memba!" said Bramma.

written by Sophia McKay