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Love Triangle

In most cases where cheating takes place in a relationship, it is the female who first come out calling foul.  But in an unusual developing case of promiscuity, one successful, highly regarded, International Reggae artiste took to Facebook to 'vent' his frustration over a relationship gone sour.

He wrote, "No one knows my hurt, until you can relate, to this, you can advise we what to do.  I am human, blood run through my vein, this is not out of malice, but when a whore get caught and feisty with it, it's a different story.  Ya'll know how hard I work, just to make my family happy and comfortable.  A woman can always move on, if a man nah f#@k you right, move the f@#k on!  If you don't love a man anymore, move the f@#k on!  But don't f@#k me 3 weeks ago, then accuse me of shit, then start bringing back up shit from 3 years ago, then tell me we are over last week Tues, for reasons only you and your doctor man knows about, then f@#k a man in my house, in my bed, in front my daughter, did I say "daughter." How you left me Tues and fucking a man Weds with no condom.  Bitch you got caught, step down off your high horse.  Goofy did warn mi.  I apologize to you Goofy." 

Threatening to release a video of  the exercise, which took place "in front of their DAUGHTER" the artiste literally set social media on fire .

As the discussions intensified, another dj/artiste who call himself, "Mr. Judge Mental" took to twitter (the court room) to try the case.  He was quick to point out that he will basically refrain from blaming anyone until he saw the video.  The case was tried and discussed at length without a verdict.

As the soap opera played out through the course of the day, 'labrish' intensified.  DJs in the local radio land carried the story but some refused to mention the artiste's name. Twitter, blackberry messenger, texts and all accessible social media blew up with the  juicy gossip.

But as the story unfolds, one wonders, "Is he gonna release this video?!!!!"