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Kashu..'Me Reggae n More'

Blazing a trail across the landscape of neo-roots, reggae sing-jay Kashu is among the core group of new blood to emerge out of the Jamaican Reggae industry.   This artiste dream is to create a sense of Satisfaction in persons listening to his music.  Formerly known as 'Cashew Man,' Kashu hails from the parish of Clarendon, home of other well known and respected Jamaican Reggae stalwarts such as Everton Blender, Freddie McGregor and Cocoa Tea, in a district known as Toll Gate.  His career  propelled  in 2001, after winning an island-wide talent search competition called, "Reggae Trail."  Since, his music has impacted the lives of music lovers across regions where Reggae music is popular and has earned him performances across Jamaica and internationally.

Multi-talented and noticeably fashion conscious, this rastafarian artiste spends much of his time engaged in other artistic, sporting and constructive activities.  An ardent lover of football or soccer, Kashu is a former member of the Vere Technical High, national high schools Dacosta Cup team.  He is also a certified Construction Engineer and has made a cameo appearance in the movie, "Out the Gate" featuring popular local actors Paul Campbell and Oliver Samuels.  

Smitten by his pleasant personally and impressed with his versatility we had to ask Kashu a few questions that's just a little more than just music. Check out how he responded below:- 

N.I.P.: Hey how are you?
Kashu: I'm great, and you?

N.I.P.: I'm doing well and feeling good speaking to you can I ask you a few questions?
Kashu: Sure..

N.I.P.: We have heard a lot about you but really want to ask simply questions like, what is your favorite dish?
Kashu: Steamed fish and steamed bammy

N.I.P.: What is your most comfortable dress code as a rastaman
Kashu: I am very dynamic in the way I dress, so I just go with how I feel on any given day.

N.I.P.:  What are your favourite music genres
Kashu: Reggae/Dancehall, R&B

N.I.P.: In what regions are you aware, your music most penetrates
Kashu: Europe, North America, Africa, Canada the Caribbean and beyond.

N.I.P.: What are your best fatherhood moments
Kashu: Getting my kids together and spending quality time with them

N.I.P.: What are your most treasured memories in music
Kashu: The very first time I travelled abroad to perform 

N.I.P.: Which international Reggae artiste who is not Jamaican do you enjoy listening to most
Kashu: Gentleman

N.I.P.: What is your greatest music desire
Kashu: My greatest desire in music is to cement a place among the music icons and be considered a music legend by the end of my career.

N.I.P.: You have performed across Jamaica as well as Long Beach California and Massachusetts in United States, Sundance Festival in the Netherlands and a performance in France, which of these performances is most memorable and why?
Kashu: My most memorable performance was in the Netherlands at the Sundance Festival. Why? The crowd's reaction and how they received me was a pleasant surprise.

N.I.P.: What have been your most memorable 'fan moment' 
Kashu: After my performance in France, some fans approached me with several lyrics from my songs and repeated one of my slogans (Hakuna Matata), that was cool.

N.I.P.: For persons who have never heard about you or those who would like to follow you, stream or download your music where can they go?
Kashu: Fans, friends and well wishers can follow me twitter, Facebook and iTunes

N.I.P.:  Thanks Kashu, good luck with your career and we will continue to enjoy listening to tracks such as Double Love, Da Case Deh and The System and encourage others to do too.

Kashu: Thank you too...

By: Sophia McKay