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Juror Violates Court Order..Possible Mistrial for Buju Banton

A juror in the Buju Banton case allegedly violates court order which could lead to a mistrial.  It has been reported that the juror admitted to doing her own independent research online when she leaves court.  The juror (who shall remain nameless) is quoted as saying, "They give you the instructions not to go online and, you know, make an opinion.  I tried to follow that as close as possible.  I don't think what I found out would have changed how I thought."  

Meanwhile, Banton's new lawyer, Chokwe Lumumba has said that a violation of these specific orders could lead to a mistrial, as well as, open the door for appeal.  He was quoted saying, "That inappropriate behaviour can certainly be basis for a new trial.  If that's the case, we certainly will pursue it.

Buju Banton returns to court October 29, 2012 for a sentencing hearing after losing his appeal and serving 10 years behind bars.