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Reggae Concert Promoters...Listen Up

Everyone who hears Reggae songstress Sophia Squire's music for the first time gives her the thumbs up.  Former Back Up Vocalist of the late great Gregory Isaacs, this, 'Nature's Calling' 'Next to Me' singing sensation is one of Jamaica's finest Reggae product at this time.  But what is her greatest challenge, "getting gigs" she said, "there are times when I think about throwing in the towel, but I just can't I love this thing too much."

Squire's writing skills and creativity is unique and places her among the best in the local industry.  What is so admirable about this artiste is the creative ways in which she expresses her thoughts and emotions musically.  "When Sophia sit down to write it's the rhythm that speaks to her" said Manager and Spouse Audley Allen coupled with an intuitive mind.  A mother of two with her youngest child just 8 months old, Sophia Squire tracks/singles are the chapters of a romantic music novel.  So cleverly crafted, female fans (young and old) cling to her every word as if they know of or are involved in the relationship she's in, while the males enjoys the pre-preparation of a romantic moment.  Like a teacher to her students Squire's mature lyrics puts love into lovemaking and substance into social commentary.  "She's believable and that's that" said a Canadian fan commenting on one of her music videos.

Sophia Squire has written and recorded a catalogue of tracks where 98% are considered very good music.  Songs such as Rock n Come In (, I Live and I Learn (, Next to Me ( and Nature's Calling ( are just a few but certainly enough to bring across the point that this artiste is a sensational. 

Several of her releases have propelled atop local and other djs playlists, seemingly permanently.  She has performed on several major concert and stage shows across the island including multiple performances on Reggae Sumfest one of, if not the most prominent event held annually in Jamaica.  She has also performed a few gigs in United States but yearn to perform for Europeans her most encouraging fan base.  "I really want to perform throughout Europe, you see the proof is in the eating of the pudding and I believe if I get a chance to perform for my fans there I will make even more fans, it's a goal I want to accomplish" said the soft spoken artiste.

Sophia Squire's catalogue of authentic, romantic and thought provoking tracks, coupled with her experience working with one of Reggae's all time, most popular Jamaican born artiste Gregory Isaac's across the world, is the reason every Reggae concert promoter across Europe and the United Kingdom should hire her services.  She's experienced, a good performer and will pull in the big bucks. The teenagers love her and adults adore her, she motivates, inspires and rocks!  Give Sophia Squire the big break, she's one you can bet your last dollar on.