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Okay so if you are still not convinced that fued is an essential part of the Dancehall culture then I'm convinced you live under a rock!  It has been from inception and will continue to be, problems only derive when it gets physical or as we have seen it with the Gully/Gaza issues, political.

Now we are seeing a new type of feud brewing in the Dancehall, past feuds among artistes involved territory, dominance and gang-like warfare among other. What is this new feud in the Dancehall about?  Well, it's about Bounty Killer's disapproval of young trending artiste Tommy Lee's so called, 'demonic songs' yup!  Bounty's expletive laced tweet read, "tired a dem now yow every man know a me say youths fi run de place, but nuh come chat nuh f****ry bout freak and devil and demon....." His expression clearly denounces this type of music, could this be a religious feud brewing? 

The songs that have left many persons questioning the contents and sparked much criticism are entitled 'Uncle Demon' and 'Daddy Devil' and recorded by Tommy Lee and the incarcerated Vybz Kartel.  In recent times, Tommy Lee's Gaza boss Vybz Kartel, has released more than one songs that have lead many to speculate his religious allegiance.  Could it be that Tommy Lee is carrying on the baton and if this is so, aren't they entitled to their freedom of expression?  

The subject of the discussion have angered other persons in the music industry, one known music producer Skatta Burrell tweeted, "cyan believe Jamaicans are inviting the devil into our blessed country...." but interestingly no local Gospel artiste has come forward to defend Bounty Killer's argument, at least not musically.  While all this is taking place Tommy Lee's infectious music are being played in every crevice and corner of the streets since his seemingly quick rise to stardom (click here to refresh your memory on how that occur and despite admitting that he respected the 'people's Icon' Bounty Killer; he quickly released a 'diss' song entitled "Goat Head" to the amusement of many.  

But in retrospect is it for us as individuals to decide against each other what is right or what is wrong or do we lay the foundation for the right and against the wrong by being exemplary? Understanding the politics and laws as it relates to freedom of speech, can anyone really stop this guy or any other person from singing what he believes is music?  Questions, questions, questions to contemplate; Did someone asked why this music is NOT selling? Oh I taught someone did, my bad..

Written by
Sophia McKay