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40 and Fabulous

"Age dem a worry bout what a kaka. Whey dem a worry bout me dat nuh worry Macka.."

Her efforts are relentless in finding the right topics to sing about which makes her the hitmaking Dancehall veteran she is.  Charmaine Munroe popularly known as Macka Diamond has silenced her critics brilliantly with the release of a new track entitled "40 and Fabulous" on the 'Push Fi Start riddim'.  

On the track, Macka makes it absolutely clear that she is comfortable with her age and confident about who she is. She also sang about other veterans such Lady Saw, Lady G, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man who have all entered the "40 experience" and are looking fabulous as well as continue to impact the Dancehall forcibly when she stated in her song, "a we still a run di place duh?"

The 100% authentic Dancehall track has already got people talking as the industry embrace this potential hit,  intented to address the issue of 'age factor' in the local industry and expecially as it relates to her.  Too many times Macka diamond has had to deal with unkind comments directed at her by persons in the industry pertaining to her age and it is only appropriate that at sometime she address these issues; and what better way to do so as an artiste?  In a song, yup!

Overall it's all good, as the challenges she faced had only made her stronger as she continues to find songs favourable with every demographic of the Reggae/Dancehall fan base.  Her work ethic should be a milestone to the younger artistes, and her track record an accomplishment from which they should seek to follow or excel beyond in the industry years to come.

For now Ms. Money Ooooo settles the score with a very nice track, "40 and Fabulous."  Many grown and sexy will certainly enjoy listening, it is, something to brag about yeah?  Keep going Macka diamond and stay forever young.  Word Up!

Written by
Sophia McKay