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Elephant Man Talks Spending Money Out of Control

Oneil Bryan, aka Elephant Man "The Energy God," who put the 'dance' in dancehall with anthems like "Pon the River,""Willie Bounce," "Gully Creeper" and more, went all in with host Chin during a recent interview. The deejay revealed how he flosses nightly, spending excessive money at dances (dancehall raving). Renaming himself "Raving King," the deejay went on to ridicule fellow artists who walk around with pockets full of money and refuse to buy even a bottle of water. Furthermore, Elephant Man boasted about keeping up the "swag" in the dancehall. The deejay's hilarious antics and dialogue had listeners cracking up for more than 20 minutes! This over-the-top interview is a must hear!

Click below to listen.