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Pop/hip-Hop Music Dominates Jamaica Radio Airwaves

Music is music and people will gravitate to just about any song or beat that impacts/excites them.  However in a Reggae/Dancehall dominated country such as Jamaica, it is quite unusual to hear Pop music getting as much air time as Dancehall and Reggae.  While Ms. Rihanna's Caribbean descent could very much influence her popularity in Jamaica, the chick has proven that she is bad! No apologies Rih Rih dominates and so is her forbidden, former beau Chris Brown. From the reception Chris got when he visited Jamaica to perform last year, it's obvious Jamaicans cares little about Chris's mishap, "It is what it is, shit happens?" 

And it is not by coincidence that Drake gets consistent airplay too, he shares the popularity among International Pop artistes whose music Jamaicans enjoy listening. Other Pop/Hip-Hop artistes includes Adele, this girl gets so much love as well as the boss himself, "Rick Ross", Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae-Jepsen, Flo-rida and LMFAO to name a few.  Watch Rick Ross Day In Jamaica video that shows him rocking the house during a performance, the crowd that came out to see him among other interesting scoop...