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Sex Talk Lace Macka Diamond's 'Deh Suh Nice"

Macka & participants in Deh Suh Nice video smile for camera
It was around this time last year 2011 that money Ooo Diva Macka Doh-shus Cow Foot track took off in the dancehall to later become a year long hit.  Now, the Dancehall hit maker who has proven time and time again that she has the goods, walk out with the xxx rated track "Deh Suh Nice" a counteraction to Potential Kid's hit song, 'A Yah Suh Nice.'

Sex talk lace Macka Diamond's, 'Deh Suh Nice' song out now on the Golden Rock Production Label.  The counteraction created quite a stir on its release in Potential Kid's camp, it was rumoured that the song was barred from playing in some 'Potential Kid' territories.  Well Macka who seem to get more competitive under pressure, decided to 'beat it beat it beat it' yup, with the support of team players Kevon Dixon and Iceman.

The result? "street creds tun up right now" said Ms. Money Ooo, "the song a mash up every whey.  Weddy, Weddy dun whey night and Nesbeth Bike Fest ova Big Buy Plaza in Portmore shell whey when Pink Panther drop it last Sunday night" she said.

Macka who 'want it in the bushes', wastes no time with the hype the song is getting, she has already shot a video directed by Robert Chin and Edited by Terminal 4 that will be released soon;  She said "dem a run out now by the thousands and it woulda look like dem a do a whole heap a ting but when you look good everybody a follow Macka, at one point me see a video whey look like all dem change ina de treatment fi mek it different from my own, is the artiste. But me nah complain because me know me a leader plus dat good fi de business we need some fire now.

Though Macka Diamond leaves the island shortly for London where she is expected to be for a few days, the 'Steam Fish,' 'Money O,' 'Bun Him,' 'Think Bout Mi,' 'Cow Foot,' hit maker is comfortable with the buzz on 'Deh Suh Nice' and looks to once again dominate summer for a second time in a row.

Deh Suh Nice is xxx rated so we won't be featuring it here but the 18,000 plus viewers on one of several video slides of the song on youtube are loving it.  If you want to listen click A deh suh nice, a me fi tell u...DWL!!

By: Sophia McKay