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Album Released - Dancing 101 by Shaka Pow

Dancing 101 a tribute to Jamaican Dance icons Bogle and Ice by Shaka Pow the DJ Doc is finally here!  The 24 track high energy Jamaican Dance music album spans 10 years of dancing starting from Bogle's L.O.Y. or Jerry Springer move to Ice's Gully Creeper. "Listening the album, one reminisce the good ole days as it begins with the earlier work then goes to Bogle, then Ice and on to the popular Rubba Bounce," said Shaka Pow. "Dancing is important to 'Dancehall,' it makes up a significant part of the culture" he continued. 

The Dancing 101 album is a three part project first highlighting the icons, then there is a part that is specifically dedicated to the women.  The album is hosted by Dancer/Artiste Sadiki and features smash hit singles such as Rubba Bounce featuring Samboni, Move Dem Up featuring Docta Bird and Splice featuring Sadiki. Dancing 101 a tribute to Bogle and Ice is a collectors album so all music and dance fans, be one of the first to collect this album downloads available here click:-