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Artiste say "Many Nah Work Fi it But a 24/7 Me a Search Fi It"

To drive home the message of his 24/7 single, recording artiste Eljai has finally released a video.  The compelling storyline captured a distressed looking Eljai sitting in an interview trying to explain why he looked a mess then the scene cut away into a busy street with him hustling selling from a pin to an anchor.  However it did not go down easy for Eljai he encountered some serious challenges, did he overcome? As he sings the lyrics '24/7 me nuh sleep at all cause we always deh pon de road.......we always a look it' one could easily picture how challenging it is to accomplish a hard fought task.  Eljai's 24/7 speaks to the day to day struggles hard working people face while on the grind trying to make ends meet.

But after the battle comes the reward as demonstrated in the 24/7 video and reiterated in the song when Eljai sings, 'man a real soldier...many want it, many many can't get it...many many nah work fit it.  A 24/7 me a search fi it.'  A confident Eljai pushes on knowing that his reward will come sooner than later and as one fan said on youtube 'BIG CHUNE, Real Message! click to watch Eljai's 24/7 video