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"A Yah So Nice!"

North Cost Beach Scenery
Jerk Pork from Jojos
When you think of the Jamaican beaches, food, music, people or collectively the Jamaican culture, one can appreciate the newly touted slang, "A Yah So Nice!!"  Yeah man, this new slang has springboard to popularity among  Reggae/Dancehall fans these days. 

The Jeep Bob Marley drove on  display at the Museum in Kingston 
 Vendor moves around the town of falmouth  with all this goods displayed on a cart

'A Yah So Nice!!' orginates from an upcoming Dancehall artiste called, Potential Kid who has been inspired by the harsh realities of his surroundings, the real ghetto lifestyle but proudly admits that despite all that, "A Yah So Nice!!."  

Yeah man, indeed if one could look beyond the violence and crime that cripples the potential of development in the ghetto, inner city communities, hood, slum or whatever some choose to refer to these dwelling places of many Jamaican families;  As unimaginative as it may seems to some,  it is an interesting experience to witness how people living under these conditions expresses love or share the little they have with each other, enjoy life, appreciate things so easily overlooked, look out for each other and defend who they are;  It is something to admire.  Europeans love Europe, Americans love America and we have to admit that "a deh so nice" (which is ironically, the song title for Macka Diamond's new track) but one cannot blame people for loving who they are and where they are from?

Ghetto style
As Jamaicans prepare to celebrate 50 years of independence and despite some unfavourable publicity over the years, the people can be proud of the legacies of 'positive elements' that emanated from the shores of the island and impact the rest of the world. Jamaicans love the people of the world because it is they who are very appreciative of their lifestyle and culture so a proud Potential Kid's analysis of his 'ghetto lifestyle' is indeed reflective of how Jamaicans feel about Jamaica..yeah mon, "A Yah So Nice!!" fi real.."