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Hit Me with 'MUSIC'

It's depressing to see how some of our artistes destroy their professional lives by allowing sensational news headline to leak to the public.  In some instance it seems, these headlines are all that is needed to make hits!  Of course there is a media for this type of news but clearly it can never be the answer to 'good exposure!' for any artiste;  Many of whom have fallen prey from self inflicting this type of 'headline wound' just to get in the spotlight.  

Even when it does not warrant a discussion some think the trash has to get out there.  "Any publicity is good publicity" they say.  Well, hell no! Bad publicity can be to the demise of any artiste who intentionally allow such news to leak.   The fans wants to know and the media is there to report it, so "go ahead..throw it out there, you're gonna hit."  Did someone say rock bottom?  With technology it's hard for an artiste to down play public mishaps but they just have to do whatever it takes to protect his/her image. This does not mean however, that he/she should sell out cheap to please the fans.  Why not enjoy twitter, facebook or any other social network, say whatever I want, everybody is doing it? some may ask.  The fact is, while these social network spaces are great for artistes/fans meet and greet, the same fans get annoyed, dis-affectionate and mean when they have learn  that their 'idol' has serious issues!! 

But not all artistes are into ...dirty laundry out in public.  There are some trending artistes today who do well at separating their private and public life.  You love them for the music and respect them for their skills, efforts and delivery.   One such artiste that readily comes to mind is Ne-yo, this guy really get your attention with his music.  Tracks like One In A Million has racked up over 62 million views on youtube while videos for other singles such as So Sick and Ms Independent, over 78 million.  Other such artiste is Beyonce, having millions of views on Youtube, Bey and husband Jay Z are really holding it down.  Locally in Jamaica one wonders if some of the popular artistes have families and the answer is 'yes they most certainly do!' but they live their lives protecting the privacy of their families.  

When music is about 'MUSIC' artistes get the respect of the masses, The music commands your attention. Many of the songs in 90s era were totally balanced despite whatever topic the artiste choose to sing about.  The focus was on moving numbers, selling albums, bringing in the gold, platinum and diamond sales, the bar was raised extremely high.  Artistes had issues then as well, things happen everyday but the focus is music?  Bob Marley say, "One good thing about music..when it hits you feel no hit me with music..."

When music is about 'MUSIC' it's all you want to hear.... 'MUSIC' uumm uh....YEAH!