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After an unusually quiet end of year, one of Dancehalls' newest diva 'Flirtagious' put her own spin on a birthday party tradition, inviting her all her 'BB' friends to join her in her uptown apartment home.  It was an informal gathering of family, friends, fans and well wishers who turn out in numbers to celebrate with the 'super-rated' diva who decided that she was gonna make it nice and simple .  "Even a basic party can have a fun twist" she said, "I just wanted everyone to have fun and I guess they did." Not many photos were released but from the little we have seen it was all about the 'Braggin' doll afterall, isn't that what her party is all about?

Since her emergence on the Jamaican Dancehall scene, Flirtagious has kept her swag upbeat and trendy living up to her self titled, 'super-rated' diva persona.  She released two singles entitled 'Crying In The Rain' and 'Braggin' with supporting videos and at least one, 'Braggin' now holds the #2 spot on popular Jamaican cable television Hype TV, video chart. That same song has also found its way on the playlists of several djs in the streets, an encouraging sign for the persistent diva as it can only mean her street credibility has swollen. The emerging Dancehall trendsetter said she has kept focused by constantly reminding herself of the proverb, "the race is not for the swift, neither for the strong but who can endure to the end."

We do not know who cut the cake with Flirtagious but we hope it was some lucky fan.

"It's Flirtagious n I'm braggin"

'Dude put your best foot forward'

"Mom can I sing you a happy birthday song?"


smiles, smile, "everyone is having fun and I'm just sitting here and pretend that i'm having fun too"