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Three Sides to a Story: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth!

September 13, 2011 four (4) persons entered the offices of New Image Promotions, their mission was to book Roots Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah for two shows in Africa.  The promoter identified himself as Nhamo Chitmbe and the persons who accompanied him were a known sound system owner/operator Caveman, a woman who said her name was  Oli Matataal and a musician with Fantan Mojah's Macka Tree band called Oniel.  The group sat down in the presence of Fantan Mojah and his Agent Sophia McKay to negotiate a price for the shows.  

The price offered to him by Fantan Mojah's agent was stoutly rejected by Miss Matataal who explained that she was from Africa, informed about the territory and was of the opinion that we were asking for too much.  We ended up settling at a price Ms Matataal advised the promoter prior to our meeting, was reasonable for Fantan Mojah.  A contract was drafted and signed bearing the signatures of Sophia McKay and Mr. Nhamo Chitmbe to seal the agreement.

Two days later, the woman re-visited the offices of New Image Promotions, this time by herself and her mission was to have me sign an agreement which gives her authority to book  Fantan Mojah, of course this action was flatly rejected.  It was then that I discovered that she was acting as an agent and that she had spoken to two of Fantan's musician to whom had given her an 'estimated' cost for the artiste to which she in turn added a 20% commission to arrive at a figure which she subsequently quoted to the promoter;  all of this was done without myself and Fantan Mojah's knowledge and approval.  I myself had spoken to Caveman prior to his visit to the office and our arrangement was for him to meet at our offices with the promoter to settle on our agreement.  

The woman's attitude and mannerism was totally unacceptable, rude and  threatening. She  stormed out of our offices after being told that she will not receive a commission from New Image Promotions because we had 'no prior agreement' to book the shows as well as the fact that she rejected our offer to the promoter in his presence when we tried to negotiate a cost.  She returned about a week after seemingly calmer than her previous visit to settle on the same agreement but again was told that it was not possible.  Ms. Oli Matataal left, stating that she no longer needed to speak to me and would go directly to Fantan Mojah.

Several days or possibly a week after, Ms. Matataal engaged in a telephone conversation with Fantan Mojah to which myself and few of Fantan's friends and associates were present.  While we did not hear clearly what she was saying on her end of the line, we understood that she was not only trying to sell herself as a better agent, undermining Fantan Mojah's own agent but also broker a deal for payment of the 20% commission from the previous bookings.   In that conversation, Fantan Mojah communicated the same information to her, telling her that  all bookings are dealt with by his Agent and that he, himself does not get involved in that aspect of any negotiations, what transpired after that telephone conversation is beyond me. 

Ms.  Matataal have contacted me several times after and more recently 1 week ago asking me to speak to Fantan Mojah about paying her and I have consistently told her I would not get involved as I have told her before that it would not happen.