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Sweet Rub A Dub

It has been expected for a while and now its here!!!! HIGH PRIEST Records would like to formally present to you KEERA ROOTZ' EP - Sweet Rub A Dub.

Experience just under 20 minutes of the songstress who made waves with her first single 'Sweet Rub A Dub'

We hope you play it till you know all the songs word for word.  Pass it on to all of your friends and family, promoters and radio personalities; basically give it to everyone for us

Please see the link below to download a copy of Sweet Rub A Dub (EP) pick a favourite and give us your feedback.

1) Intro
2) Against All Odds
3) Sweet Rub A Dub
4) Interlude
5) Fall
6) King & Queen (feat. Ras Tewelde)
7) Stand Guard
8) Outro