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How Much Patois (Pat-wah) Do You Know?

(Kingston, Jamaica) Jamaican Patois or creole as some linguists call it, is used for everyday informal situation.  It is the 'home language' and most familiar, it is the language Jamaicans home and abroad can be identified with.  Not standardized, most writing in Jamaica is done in Standard English.  Written patois mostly appears in folkloristic dialect poems, humorous newspaper columns and internet chat sites.  The language is fun, interesting and easy to learn so come, see how much Patois you know, let's chat in 'pat-wa.'

Whey yuh name?  What is your name
Wish path yuh live?  Where do you live
Whey yuh like bout Jamaica?  What do you like about Jamaica.

'Mi haffi go tek een Celine Dion a Jazz and Blues ina Mobay.  Da show deh shat, de performance dem ago bad.  Celine Dion ting tun up loud loud" :)

" I have to see Celine Dion perform at Jazz and Blues in Montego Bay.  The show is going to be hot and the performances great.  Celine Dion is huge she is hot."