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Blog of the Year

The most read blog here on our website in 2011 is I.M. Talks and Jamaican Slangs Jamaican slang have a way of quickly going viral as soon as they emerge.  The most popular slang in 2011 is 'TUN UP!! In the recent General elections held in the country, the party that formed the new Government used the slang in a song to gain popularity with voters.  The catchy melodies of that song was, 'tun up de ting,' the party won the elections.  The school kids uses the slang, 'bad peoples' a lot while the party animals, 'duh road' or 'do road'.  These they say are used in the context of promoting someone for doing something good or state, "I'll be going out"  So if a popular person do something real good, "yeah, a bad peoples" or if you plan to go out, "me a duh road tonight" but both are not as catchy as 'tun up' so until a new slang emerge, wuk wid it (work with it)!