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10 Reasons to Purchase Music From Independent Artists

"Have you ever thought about why people buy music?  Here are 10 reasons why people should purchase music from independent artists... "

1.  Independent artists such as those we promote here, freely expresses their passion and unique talent.  They tell their own personal stories and follow their own instincts.

2.  An independent artist is free to be unique and generous in his sales methods.  For the consumer, this can mean getting bulk discounts, coupon offers and appreciation for their repeat purchases.

3.  The independent artist can communicate directly with the customer, so online sales does not have to be an isolating experience for the artist.  

4.  Niche marketing is all the buzz these days, and nowhere it is more successful than in independent music.  An independent artiste is free to create his/her own unique niche and, in the process, attract more ideal fans. You, the music buyer/purchaser will find it easier to discover the music that defines and expresses YOU!!

5.  Customers and artists can share the love, wouldn't it be just awesome to have the artist whose music you just purchase sent you a personal appreciative message? And how about YOU being able to write back?

6.  Everyone feels authentic.  An independent artist replaces corporate communication when he/she speaks to YOU direct on social network pages such Facebook, don't you think?

7)  Music buyer/purchaser can find their favourite independent artist music by buying it directly from his or her own iTunes store.  Avoiding the ups and down of having to search among other artists music or purchasing music YOU don't necessarily want even if it was written and recorded by the artiste you so much adore.   

8.  Fans can enjoy their special indie artists own space listening to new music clips, socialize, watch video performances, share with other fans and build upon each others excitement.  YOU can discover a new musician or song, leave comments, bookmark sites, or make a purchase all at the same time.

9)  The artists get a bigger cut from sale of his music.  This may seem obvious, but if YOU knew just how much your favourite artist received from major labels, the YOU would definitely support independent artistes

10)  Finally, YOU the consumer not only support the music you love, but also affiliate yourselves with causes you believe in.

So, the next time you make a purchase be sure to add in your shopping cart, music by an independent artists and more specifically, the ones you have seen and might have fallen in love with, right here! "Come Mek We Buy Reggae" click!!!