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Artistes Weigh In on Jamaican Elections at Christmas and Encourages Peace!

A number of Jamaican artistes have been; like all Jamaicans home and abroad watching the two main political parties beef up its campaign in hope of forming the next elected Government of Jamaica on December 29, 2011.  The campaigns for the elections which are constitutionally due is expected to heightened in the middle of the most anticipated holiday season of the year, CHRISTMAS!  The local entertainment industry is in a mode of un-certainty as any major political upsurge will bring to a halt, the events and activities held throughout the season.  Supreme Promotions, promoters of the annual, Reggae/Dancehall event, 'STING' dubbed the greatest show on earth are optimistic; They are moving ahead with their promotional campaign as planned.  The success of this major show could very well confirm that violent elections are a thing of the past in the Jamaica. But how does the artistes feel about the elections being held at a time that is most favourable to their own livelihood an