Friday, November 18, 2011

Pastor Donnie McClurkin and The Perfecting Faith Missions Team returns to Jamaica on November, 19-23, 2011 partnering with Fellowship Tabernacle for Major National Evangelistic Outreach in Kingston, JA.

A Coalition of Clergy, Churches and Christians convenes at National Heroes Park, Kingston JA.

November 15, 2011 - Freeport (Long Island), N.Y. - Thousands of Christians from all over Jamaica are expected to converge on the National Heroes Park in Kingston, JA for an evening of ministry, music and a powerful Word from God.  This major outdoor Evangelistic Call to the Nation of Jamaica will be held on November 20, 2011 @ 6 p.m. until... The event is in collaboration with Pastor Al Miller and the Fellowship Tabernacle in Kingston, and will feature Grammy Award-winning gospel singer and Pastor Donnie McClurkin along with a coalition of churches, pastors and ministries from different areas and backgrounds.  Its purpose is to remove barriers, such as race and denomination, and promote Love and Unity within the community and among the Body of Christ. 

"There really is no black church, white church, or anything else that makes us divided or exclusive," declares Pastor McClurkin, Senior Pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, a multicultural congregation on Long Island's South Shore.  "We are to be one. That means there should be no division or -isms or schisms found in the body of Christ.  It is time to tear down walls that divide us and build bridges to unite us so that we can reach the lost.  We want to show the world a unified body of Christ through our relationship with God and with each other, which is at the core of this evangelistic mission."

Everyone is invited to this event and admission and parking are free.  The event will go on rain or shine.

On Monday, November 21st, 2011, Pastor McClurkin will be at the Fellowship Tabernacle located at 2 Fairfield Ave, Kingston 20, St. Andrews, Jamaica where he will be visiting less fortunate area and making food and clothes donations to those in need.  He is also scheduled to make a donation of syringes to the Kingston Public Hospital.

Then at 5:00 p.m. all attention turns to the sanctuary at Fellowship Tabernacle, where he will present a PASTORS & LEADERS SUMMIT.  He will impart that which God has given him for the Pastors and Clergy/Leaders of Jamaica.

Later that evening at 8:00 p.m. Associate Pastor, Administrator and head of the Missions Department at Perfecting Faith Church, Pastor Louis Mellini, will present his famous class on "Church Administration/Vision Casting & Following Visionary Leadership."  Elder Andrea McClurkin-Mellini, praise and Worship Leader of Perfecting Faith Church and lead singer on "The McClurkin Project" will also take the stage to present her popular Praise and Worship Workshop simultaneously.

Early on Tuesday morning the Ministry will then travel to Ocho Rios for some street evangelism, where Pastor Louis Mellini, the head of the Local and International Missions, will oversee the distribution of food and clothing to the needy.  

Later he will travel to St. Ann's Bay Infirmary with more clothes and product for donation to the elderly as well as to officially present a new Generator to the facility.  There the missions Team will facilitate and care for the elderly residents.

On Wednesday before his departure he will make a stop at the St. Ann's Bay Hospital for the donation of more syringes and a stop at Addison Park to Meet and greet the local area residents and clergy who is requesting that location for a future PFC/Church Without Walls-Jamaica Locations.  By this it is hoped that Perfecting Faith Church can and will establish a significant and continued presence in Jamaica.
~Media Relations JA - PowerMak~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Macka Diamond’s “Wine” Video is Smashing!

Macka 'Duh-shus' new video for her hot Dancehall track entitled 'Wine' tun up! Yes indeed. Always advocating for females in the Dancehall, Macka's new video feature several of the top dancers in the industry.  These include Stacey and former Dancehall Queen, Latesha who short circuited while doing her 'Wine' in the video.  The IRAWMA 2011 International Rapper/DJ continues to lead her female counterparts, proving why she owns the international title this year.  All summer long Macka's Cow Foot song dominated the dance floor at all the parties and is still a hot pick in the Dancehall.

When the Money Oooo Diva dropped the video for her hot single, 'Wine' three (3) days ago, little did she know that the views on youtube would have shot to over 3000.  This high resolution, all girl and fun music video produced by Terminal 4 Media has brought about a new twist to the song, exactly what a video is suppose to do and so the fans approve.  'Wine' by Macka Diamond is a production of Young Veterans and is one of the 15 tracks on her recently iTunes released album, 'Don't Disturb Mi.'  'Wine' video is now showing in our 'Watch Me' feature.

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Release

Bramma a.k.a. Da Gorilla
"Dem A Guh Ina Grave"

Produced by" Warrior Music Group
Mix Engineer:Y-NOT Productions
Track Artwork: Zikow
Genre: Dancehall
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