Thursday, September 29, 2011


Roots Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah will make his first ever appearance in an African country when he performs at the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival at Glamis Arena, Harare Zimbabwe and Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo October 15th and 22 respectively.  A release from the beer company states:-

"Leading Jamaican conscious reggae artists Beres Hammond, Cocoa Tea and Fantan Mojah are billed to perform at this year's Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival which takes place in Harare and Bulawayo next month.  

Sungura giant Sulumani Chimbetu, popular Zimbabwean dancehall chanter Winky D and Stunner, who shared the stage with Beenie Man at last year's event, are also set to grace the occasion.  The festival, hosted by Delta Beverages, will be held on October 15 at the Glamis Arena in Harare followed by another one in Bulawayo at Queens Sports Club on October 22.  Beres Hammond will not perform in Bulawayo though as he has another show elsewhere.  Lion Lager brand manager Sandra Madovi said their decision to bring in the Jamaican artists was prompted by last year's success when they invited another Jamaican superstar, Beenie Man."

Fantan Mojah is excited about this his first trip to Africa as he has received an overwhelming amount of requests from African fans to visit their countries.  Fans have sent requests from Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, Cape Town - South Africa, Senegal, Lion Mountain, Freetown, Sierra Leone and the list goes on.  Fantan has also been reliably informed that songs by him that are most popular are Hail the King, Mama Hungry, Nuh Build Great Man, Only Jah Love, Corruption and Stronger are major hits in Zimbabwe.  "Watch out Zimbabwe, here I come" said Fantan Mojah with all smiles.


Cow Foot Friday is back! October 14, 2011 at Club Impulse in New Kingston.  Music By Mark Cash, Bum Bum, DJ Dot Cum, Alex Frass with appearances from Macka Diamond herself and the Dancer that created the Cowfoot Move, Shelly Belly.  If you are in Kingston this Friday or happen to be in Kingston any Friday as of this day,  check it out!!! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Promising Jamaican Artiste LanMine, seems to have found a song that 'stick n stays' with a growing Dancehall fan base.  The single and production of Stashment Label is called, 'It's Creeping' and features popularly known Jamaican artiste Future Fambo.  Dancer Shelly Belly created a move for the song called the 'Creep' and both song and dance has been getting some good exposure by several local djs in the dancehall. Watch out for this one, has LanMine dropped a Bomb?


Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond was adamant about releasing an album and had planned to drop the 15 track project October 11, 2011.  However, those plans took a  new twist upon her return from New York where she had gone to shoot a video; Macka revealed that the album would be released on the VP Records label.  "Me happen to talk to Chris Chin while in New York and it was all positive, we came to a mutual agreement so VP will be releasing this album. With this partnership plans are afoot to ensure that it gets adequate promotion reaching fans wherever they are" said Macka Diamond.

Don't Disturb Mi is the signature dancehall jargon Macka Diamond uses to identify her brand from other female counterparts.  The release date for the, "Don't Disturb Me" album is rescheduled for October 25, 2011 on VP Record Label.


If anyone deserves an award at this time its Sophia Squire; she has over the past year proven that she is a force to be reckon with.  Tracks after tracks, Sophia delivers some authentic roots reggae ballads that got better with each release no matter what topic she chooses.  After going independent around 2005, Squire garnered the attention of radio audiences across Jamaica with a socially conscious track called Rat-A-Ta-Ta-Tat that literally burned the airwaves; since then, she has not looked back.  She piqued the interest of listeners and has been steadily increasing her fan base after releasing tracks like Slow Motion, What We Gonna Do, Nuh Gunz, Nature's Calling, Love, Next To Me, and I Live I Learn.  These songs distinguishes this artiste from her peers and brought to the fore as an impending Internationally acclaimed Female Reggae vocalist as well as landed her the title of Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year 2011 at the Music Industry Awards ceremony held Tuesday, September 27 in Kingston.  Please enjoy listening Sophia Squire's I Live I Learn by clicking the icon below.


For this Sophia is grateful and expressed her sincere gratitude on her Facebook page, the soon to be Mom who did not attend the ceremony, thanked fans and well wishers for the support stating, "Oceans of gratitude to all who voted, listened and supported me in the music, the award I got will be a reminder to continue believing and doing great music.  Thanks to the heavenly father, family, friends, but most of all management who took every step I took, and all my fans, big hugs to you all" Sophia

Bootcamp Production headed by 'Computer' Paul Henton has released a new juggling called the Sha La Laa Jugglin.  Some of the featured artistes includes label mate Stevie Face as well as Teflon, Richie Stephensons, Mickey Spice, Warrior King, Shuga and more.  The juggling can be  downloaded here 

Track Listing is as follows
1. Mickey Spice - Ja Guide Di City
2. Stevie Face feat. Teflon - Sha La Laa
3. Daddy Rings - We Build
4. Exco Levi - Life is Great
5. Warrior King - Watching You
6. Jack Radics - Time & Attention
7.  Richie Stephens - Butterlies
8. Shuga - Good Wife
9. Make Boyz Cry (MBC) - In The Arms of the Angels
10. Steele - One More Chance



The Blackberry smartphone is most popularly used in Jamaica.  You don't have a 'bb' then, "you nah sey nutten."  "Got One? Add my pin and ping me" Lets get talking.   
According to a recent Nielsen Soundscan report 40% of mobile consumers over 18 in the United States uses a smartphone with the android being the leading desired operating system.  1/3 of those without smartphones say they want their next to be an iPhone.  Text messaging and Tweets seems to be the order of the day for the average American smartphone user.

Now, Jamaicans move with the flow and are into Blackberry smartphones.  The local entertainment industry possibly the most trendy of ethnic groups is into 'bb' messaging, tweeting and texts as well as voice recording to a lesser extent.

With specific reference to the local entertainment industry, business associates and fans alike living in European and African countries seem to be adopting the use the use of the blackberry as a method of communication that is indeed cost effective through texts and bb messaging.  The services also allows for direct person to person promotion.

Blackberry or iPhone whatever you choose  the next time around, one might want to consider specific location and carrier as well as the conventional internet access, size and battery life.

Monday, September 26, 2011


OMG!!! Idk, but I.M. language is just craziii! Yes indeed, ok so like Jermaine Michael's appearance on the  Digicel Rising Star 8th Season finale September 25 TUN UP!!!! Tun Up? Like what does that mean?  Well it's a Jamaican slang referred to things that's hot.  Tun up is interpreted, 'turned up' So Jermaine Michael interview and performance in the Blackberry Chill Room with Pepita"  Tun Up! "so de ting set", SMH!!! Some say "Tun Up Loud Loud" or it "Shat (shot) meaning gone, yeah man those are some Jamaican instant messaging (I.M.) talks and slangs.  Oh BTW!!! Here's another one, Jermaine Michael is the Hot New Artiste to watch on Stampede Street Chart, "A morning now?" WTH!! LMAO!!!