Saturday, September 3, 2011


Just one week after entering the CVM Hitlist Chart, Jermaine Michael's Corner Stone video came down with the Number 1 Fever!  Voters went all out to put this one on the spot lets see what happens in the weeks ahead.

The video for Macka Diamond's Cowfoot dance track is also Number 1 on Video Alley aired Saturdays on Television Jamaica.  The popular Cowfoot Dance is centre of controversy but the fans seems to love it.
Asante Amen delivers a free downloadable album.: Asante Amen's free downloadable album, "Over the Year" 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Challenges Can Be Rewarding!

Amidst pleas and reward offers, the perpretrators that stole Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond’s pocket book and all her her stuff are yet to come forward.  But despite the huge set back cause from loss of the documents, Macka Diamond relentlessly pushes forward.  “Well I could always get back my I.D. and stuff but you know how tedious the process gets especially for me because I still have to be recording in the studio, still out in the streets promoting my music and basically kept abreast with what happening around me because I’m an artiste”  Indeed its no easy feat getting as far as Macka has in the industry but it does comes with various challenges.  The obvious lesson to be learned is knowing how best to deal with the challenges and keep going.

When You're Hot You're HOttttt!!
So are the steamy love songs oozing out of Sophia Squire’s catalog these days.  This bashful female Reggae vocalist has touched the hearts of many Reggae fans .  It’s not that she’s doing something relatively new or different from her peers, as a matter of fact she’s doing pretty much the same stuff, but somehow her fan base has grown tremendously locally and internationally over the past few months.  Could it be her show of innocence on some of the tracks or the story she has to tell? Whatever it is, the soon to be mom has got a host of fans screaming for more.  Keep it coming Squire, the fans are listening.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Latest Releases Check Em Out!!

 High Grade by Trillo by NewImage Music

High Grade Alone by Trillo has been spreading like wild fire! The song has been added to several Jamaican radio djs playlists over the past week. Trillo is one of the newest addition to the Reggae music industry; he resides in Miami, Florida but a Jamaican by birth. Much is expected from Trillo who is currently working on at least two more singles soon to be released.  High Grade Alone along with Summertime which features International Female Dancehall Artiste for 2011 Macka Diamond, is available on itunes click

Most promising female Reggae Lovers Rock artiste Sophia Squire holds the #17 spot on the Jamaica Music Countdown Reggae Chart after 20 weeks.  Squire has a minimum of three songs getting multiple spins on Jamaican radio.  She is loved by fans and disc jocks alike and from how it looks, she is on the verge of a major break!!  Check out her latest single 'Next To Me', this track is hot!

 SOPHIA SQUIRE (NEXT TO ME) 1 1 by NewImage Music