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Flirtagious the 'Braggin' Dancehall Doll?

She is the newest Dancehall Diva and calls herself 'Flirtagious,' a name she hand-picked to mean playful, girly and attractive.  This Dancehall Diva originates from Spanish Town, St. Catherine but spent the better part of her teenage years living on the beautiful United States Virgin Island of St. Thomas.  

'Flirtagious' opted to become a Dancehall artiste two (2) years ago and flew back to Jamaica to pursue a career in the field.  Now on the path to obtain local recognition and star status, the Diva has hit the streets running with the release of a new single entitled, 'Braggin' and a video that has been added to several local music video charts and playlists.  On Hype TV, 'Braggin' has hit the VTX Chart holding the #5 spot this week and internationally, it has hit TEMPO Network channels, World Reggae TV, Dancehall Starz TV and over 14 cable channels throughout the Caribbean.

Working with Radio/Street Promotions and Online Marketer/Media Relations companies Powermack Promotion and New Image Promotions respectively, 'Flirtagious' is expected to become a known Artiste/Diva within reasonable time.  The upcoming artiste has dropped 'feelers' through her music to the fans in order to get a better understanding of what they expect of her but as the tracks enter the game it is expected that this swaggerific Diva will stake her claim in the Dancehall arena.

"Braggin" is a good topic to create a buzz with.  If you look at the comments on the social network pages featuring her video, already people are talking, whether positive or negative this is what she needs" said Sophia McKay of New Image Promotions.

'Braggin' exemplifies the Dancehall, the song is about swag, confidence, exuberance and trend.  Like Boxers about to enter into a fight, Flirtagious struts her stuff on the track sending a strong message; like it or not, she's doing her thing.  

"Radio airplay has gained momentum over the past few weeks" said Noel McKinson of Powermack Promotion.  "We have moved into the streets and have been getting some interviews done.  We know what we are about and what the artiste expects of us and so we will be pulling all the stops, it's what we do."

In the midst of all that Flirtagious is also working with a group of teenagers, the "Dream Life" promotion team; their job is to spread her music across the teenage landscape.   This artiste is serious about work and the future of her career. Her ambition become Jamaica's hottest female Dancehall artiste. This feat is indeed not impossible, but is Flirtagious overly ambitious? Follow her and see!