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Macka Diamond’s “Wine” Video is Smashing!

Macka 'Duh-shus' new video for her hot Dancehall track entitled 'Wine' tun up! Yes indeed. Always advocating for females in the Dancehall, Macka's new video feature several of the top dancers in the industry.  These include Stacey and former Dancehall Queen, Latesha who short circuited while doing her 'Wine' in the video.  The IRAWMA 2011 International Rapper/DJ continues to lead her female counterparts, proving why she owns the international title this year.  All summer long Macka's Cow Foot song dominated the dance floor at all the parties and is still a hot pick in the Dancehall.

When the Money Oooo Diva dropped the video for her hot single, 'Wine' three (3) days ago, little did she know that the views on youtube would have shot to over 3000.  This high resolution, all girl and fun music video produced by Terminal 4 Media has brought about a new twist to the song, exactly what a video is suppose to do and so the fans approve.  'Wine' by Macka Diamond is a production of Young Veterans and is one of the 15 tracks on her recently iTunes released album, 'Don't Disturb Mi.'  'Wine' video is now showing in our 'Watch Me' feature.