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Introducing Dancehall/Reggae Artist 'Flirtagious'

Flirtagious is a girly, flirty, fashionable character whose ambition is to become an internationally acclaimed Dancehall Reggae Recording Artiste and Entertainer.

Born Antonette Smith to Maria Gordon and Ivor Smith in Spanish Town Jamaica, Flirtagious migrated to the United States Virgin Island at age thirteen where she lived and traveled back and forth between London and Jamaica for 10 years. Exposed to several different genres of music and particularly loved Reggae, she is most inspired by International artistes Shaggy, Sean Paul and Tanya Stephens her true mentors; Flirtagious also admires Beyonce and Tony Braxton.

So fascinated she was with Jamaican music, Flirtagious decided in 2008 that she wanted to become a recording artiste and entertainer by all means.  Between that time and July 2010 when she moved back to Jamaica the name, 'FLIRTAGIOUS' became her ideal stage name.  She created this name with several elements of her own personality in mind such as provocative, fashionable, persistent and bold.

Getting settled in Jamaica came naturally, the 23 year old had a plan and returning to the island was to execute it.  First she dropped a single and video to much critique but having a good understanding of what the business demands and what is expected of successful artistes, Flirtagious was unperturbed by the criticisms knowing that the song entitled, Crying In The Rain and video were independently produced because it was difficult for her to get recorded by popular producers.  Moving forward, Flirtagious has set her focus on the bigger picture, she knows she has to bring it and has made her move.  Fact is, she managed to launch her career which a hallmark and the beginning of a promising music career in the Jamaica Dancehall/Reggae Industry.

Having released three singles thus far, 'Crying in the Rain,' 'Extazy' and 'Braggin' (video now showing in "Watch Me")which have gotten onto several of the local main stream radios playlists and two videos that also got onto several local video channels, Flirtagious is hopeful about her future.  Much work is yet to be done but she promises fans of Jamaican music worldwide that her act, image and lyrical prowess is given a competitive edge and a force to be reckoned with in the Dancehall/Reggae Industry.