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Fantan Mojah Escaped Serious Injuries in Car Accident!

Fantan Mojah and his travel crew got the scare of their lives after the vehicle in which they were travelling from an event titled, Reggae Fever held annually at Puerto Seco Beach in St. Ann, overturned in the wee hours of Sunday Morning, November 27. Fantan said the accident resulted from, "slippery road surface"and was quick to point out that his driver was not speeding.  The internationally acclaimed Roots/Reggae artiste said, "on our way in (travelling to Kingston) the bus start to skid when we got to Steer Town and me driver lost control of the vehicle" obviously shaken by his experience "but me give thanks to Jah for preserving we life though one of me finger broke and me in pain" he said.

Mojah said his travel crew members are all suffering from minor injuries and pain as a result of the accident.  He said at least three (3) other vehicles had near miss incidences at the same spot and he was told that another accident ocur at the same place last week.  As a result, Fantan Mojah has made a special plea to the relevant authorities to post a sign of caution for other motorists as well as prevent any other incident and possibly death.