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Jermaine Michael Makes a Debut Entry on The Jamaica Music Countdown Chart!

After weeks of intense radio airplay, the single Corner Stone by Jermaine Michael has made its debut entry on the Jamaica Music Countdown Chart.  Both song and video have now impacted a local chart with the video hitting number one in its first week of entry of CVM Hitlist.  The Hitlist chart is fueled by the highest number of votes garnered weekly and of course for Jermaine who is coming out of a major talent competition with similar voting policies, evidently exercised his skills of garnering adequate votes to push the song to the top spot successfully.  Please click on the icon below to listen Corner Stone.
Stashment Production which manages the former Digicel Rising Star third place runner-up, has already 'airplay tested' a new single by Jermaine which the company plans to release soon.  However C.E.O. Stasha Smith believes this new song "needs some more work" so it will be dealt with and officially released soon.  In the meantime Corner Stone continues to get consistent airplay on radio and seems as if it will be around for a very long time.