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'Tamp Agency' A Husband & Wife Dream to Enhance Small Salons in Jamaica

Because Marketing is not selling, Tamp Agency has built its foundation on creating marketing concepts that are unique to its clients to enhance growth in their businesses. The agency is the conceptualization of a husband and wife team, Lloyd and Doreen McKay where Lloyd the Marketer and Doreen the Cosmetologist both merged their skills to create a family based, inter-personal, innovative and service oriented agency with an aim to provide professional marketing services for beauty salon owners/operators who are interested in expansion.  "The salon industry does not have a regulatory body that stipulate the conditions to which stylists are approved before they establish themselves," said Mr. McKay.  "There are many small salons that need help and this is what TAMP Agency brings, 'new ideas and approach' to such businesses that need to grow." 

The agency currently operates from the couple's home office in Kingston but Mr. McKay thinks that will change soon as Tamp is the designate marketing and distribution company for Our Styles Our Way Inspirational Hair, a new quarterly magazine publication and a production of LAMP Media Group, a registered company in the United States. 'Jamaica Trends' is the title of the premier issue and promises to be a collector's item offering a variety of inspirational hair styles across Jamaica, Miami, and the English speaking Caribbean as well as interviews and special features with Cosmetologists and Beauty Specialist across the region.  
"The fashion industry has successfully made their designers into top celebrities so it is appropriate for Caribbean Hair Stylists and Beauticians to receive similar accolades" explained Doreen McKay who is a Senior Stylist at a trendy salon in Kingston.  The TAMP Agency involvement in promoting Our Styles Inspirational Hair magazine in Jamaica enhances the prospect of the company.  Both Lloyd and Doreen are passionate about the industry and has been working in unison for years before this idea materialized.  "to the onlooker it may seem like a spontaneous decision but for us its another marriage" laughed Lloyd.  "Our ideas and work came together and bonded as we and our family have over the years" he said, This however, came after many challenges some life threatening but through it all, the focus has been to stick together, "and we have" they said smiling at each other, which is why this couple of ten years of marriage is optimistic about the future of TAMP Agency.