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According to Reggae artiste Nesbeth, he "ain't buying no friends even if they are on sale, wholesale or retail." This is the topic several Jamaican artistes have written and sang about lately, "Friends" what they are about and what they value.  On some of the tracks some think less of friends, some put their friends on pedestals and some don't care a 'hoot.' How important it is to personal growth if one has or does not have a 'friend?' Is it that celebrities or wealthy persons find it difficult to trust people (friends)?  Why do people (friends) think its necessary to have a popular or wealthy friend?  For what it's worth, Nesbeth acknowledges that, good friends are better than pocket money but!! What are friends for? Are they suppose to love the 'richness' or 'popularity' of their celebrity or wealthy Friend while that same wealthy, popular Friend care little about them or, are they suppose to provide moral support in everything and when they do, is there a price for that?  While that is contemplated, please give a listening ear to  Nesbeth's Friend For Sale!