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The Blackberry smartphone is most popularly used in Jamaica.  You don't have a 'bb' then, "you nah sey nutten."  "Got One? Add my pin and ping me" Lets get talking.   
According to a recent Nielsen Soundscan report 40% of mobile consumers over 18 in the United States uses a smartphone with the android being the leading desired operating system.  1/3 of those without smartphones say they want their next to be an iPhone.  Text messaging and Tweets seems to be the order of the day for the average American smartphone user.

Now, Jamaicans move with the flow and are into Blackberry smartphones.  The local entertainment industry possibly the most trendy of ethnic groups is into 'bb' messaging, tweeting and texts as well as voice recording to a lesser extent.

With specific reference to the local entertainment industry, business associates and fans alike living in European and African countries seem to be adopting the use the use of the blackberry as a method of communication that is indeed cost effective through texts and bb messaging.  The services also allows for direct person to person promotion.

Blackberry or iPhone whatever you choose  the next time around, one might want to consider specific location and carrier as well as the conventional internet access, size and battery life.