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"Rasta nah get nuh justice ina de Dancehall so we a do our own ting"  So says Roots Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah, who along with friends have launched 'Rasta Fridays' a weekly event held at 16 Verene Avenue, off Cassia Park Road in Kingston.  
Rasta Fridays is musically driven, a space created for fans of roots reggae music to hang out, be entertained and enjoy listening to music they want to hear. Fantan Mojah said this event came about as a result of his own personal experience in the dancehall where his music was sidelined and he does not take kindly to that.  "Rasta fan base larger than any one Dancehall artiste fan base ina de world yet Rasta still a get styling everytime dem music fi play a dance" he said.  

Fantan Mojah's latest single, Rasta Got Soul on the Warrior Production label, has become viral looking as if it can become another hit in his catalogue.  The rhythm is penetrating and lyrics in true Fantan Mojah style,  strong but positive.  Rasta Got Soul and many other songs by Fantan Mojah along with music by other popular roots reggae artiste can be heard weekly at Rasta Fridays!