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Music and the Age Factor!

What happens when an artiste surpasses age 35 and still look forward to getting his/her big break?  Reggae artiste Coppa Ranks says, “Reggae is old yet babies love it so it matters not who sings as long as the music is nice and sends the right message the artiste have a chance.”  Having said that, Coppa Ranks still has high hopes of touring the world, he released his first song in 1990 at age 17 and took a 3 years break from music to pursue other dreams.  He has now resurfaced with new songs, Temple of the Lord and A No Me She Love on the AdisAbaba Production label; both songs are getting airplay on radio stations Irie FM, News Talk 93FM and Mello FM in Montego Bay.
Coppa has also been busy with gigs, he has performed at Club Cali in August as well as the Hague and Mt. Pelia Agricultural shows, an Independent Concert held in the square of Falmouth in Trelawny and a Hair & Fashion Show held at the Civic Centre in Montego Bay, headlined by Jamaica's Reggae Soul singer, Richie Stephens since the start of the year.
Coppa Ranks is not worried about teenage fans, he has accepted the fact that his music is not the trendy Dancehall style.  However he is quite confident that a more mature audience will accept his style and can relate to his lyrics because he shares his experience in his music.  “Age becomes a factor when you make, right now Coppa Ranks is not worried about that it’s actually the people who decide so my job is to ensure they get a chance to hear what I have to say.”  Coppa Ranks is on social network spaces facebook and myspace and his  music will soon be available for download at all digital download ‘e-trade’ stores. Click to view Coppa Ranks & Reggae Artiste Daville