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OMG!!! Idk, but I.M. language is just craziii! Yes indeed, ok so like Jermaine Michael's appearance on the  Digicel Rising Star 8th Season finale September 25 TUN UP!!!! Tun Up? Like what does that mean?  Well it's a Jamaican slang referred to things that's hot.  Tun up is interpreted, 'turned up' So Jermaine Michael interview and performance in the Blackberry Chill Room with Pepita"  Tun Up! "so de ting set", SMH!!! Some say "Tun Up Loud Loud" or it "Shat (shot) meaning gone, yeah man those are some Jamaican instant messaging (I.M.) talks and slangs.  Oh BTW!!! Here's another one, Jermaine Michael is the Hot New Artiste to watch on Stampede Street Chart, "A morning now?" WTH!! LMAO!!!