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Liquid Light Digital provides innovative communications specializing in the creation of audio visuals by use of live action, computer graphics and design and animation.  The company develops compelling visual content for film, television and the internet in the form of documentaries, music videos, TV commercials and TV programmes.  Since its inception in 2002, the company produced over 350 productions for broadcast, training, education and entertainment for viewing in markets all over the world and garnered numerous awards.

Directors Adrian and Amanda Lopez were born in Nairobi, Kenya and educated in Jamaica at Mona Preparatory School and Campion College then went on to complete their secondary education in the United States and Canada.  Adrian received double degrees in Computer Science and Marketing from the University of Lethbridge in Canada while Amanda studied at the University of Western Ontario, where she majored in Film and minored in Environmental Management degrees.  Adrian worked as an apprenticed at an animation house in Calgary, Alberta where he was first exposed to computer animation.  Amanda on the other hand, worked part-time at London, Ontario's Rogers Cable Systems, her University's on campus television station, TV Western, as a Creative Assistant at The Marketing Counselors Ltd and freelanced in various capacities in the film/video industry before she became a Board Member of Women In Film and Television International. 

In 1988 Adrian founded his first company, Digital Imageworks, providing aninmation services out of his dorm room while working towards his degrees.  He founded Liquid Light Digital with Amanda in 2002 and by 2003, was the proud recipient of the Producers of the Year Peer Award and again in 2010, both the Producer of the Year and Techinical/Artistic Achievement Award at Peer.  Adrian also won the British West Indies Airlines (BWIA) Award for Most Outstanding Animation for a short film he produced called Roots presented at the Animae Caribe Animation Festival held in Trinidad and Tobago and the David Ogden Award for Best Director - TV Commerical.  Adrian is a member of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Astronomy Society and the Jamaica Film Producers Association.  He is a certified PADI (Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver), an avid science-fiction aficionado and script writer, Apple iOS Developer and classical guitarist.

Competitive Advantage
Liquid Light Digital competitive advantage is its employment of unusual directorial sytles and cutting edge post-production techniques to produce eye-catching and memorable spots.  From concept development to overall project strategy, the company fuses creative video direction, bold visual styles and the latest techniques in digital imagery and visualization to achieve its objectives.  "The difference is end product, unsurpassed picture quality and creativity in delivering a product whether presented in the form of a message or presented as a brand in a dynamic and compelling style" says Adrian.  The use of leading edge-post processing and 3d animation software in combination with high capacity digital video storage and real-time NLE systems complimented with the synergy derived from the collaboration of creative minds from diverse artistic disciplines.  Liquid Light Digital  has fostered working relationships with graphic designers, musicians, web designers, CG artists and filmmakers in the Caribbean, Scotland, UK and North America.  These diverse talents can be brought to bear as needed to ensure a world class, unified solution and a competitive end product.
Wide Range of Services 
The company offers a wide range of digital affiliated services that include services for film, video and television, television commercials and programmes, documentaries and corporate profiles, music videos, advanced computer animation, special and video effects, broadcast design and motion graphics, concept and script development.  It's clientele boasts and impressive list major film and television/cable channels companies such as Disney, NBC, CNN, BBC, HGTV, Discovery Channel, Warner Brothers, Sony Ericsson and TOA TV (New Zealand); Locally, telecommunications giant, Digicel, one of the leading food chain of companies, Burger King and Red Stripe.   

Within the local entertainment industry, Liquid Light Digital has provided several completely CG shots in the 'So Special' music video of International Dancehall artiste Mavado.  More specifically, shots such as, Mavado seen driving a lamboghni Muruelago through nightime city streets; both car and the city are the creation the Liquid Light Digital team.  Another outstanding music video created by the company is David M's Lest We Forget music video that featured excerpts of the late Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The video was been put in rotation on B.E.T. shown to 300 students and their teacher at the Schomburg Museum in Harlem, New York, shown on Bronxnet TV, Channel 39 and a host of other television and cable channel throughout the United States.

The offices of Liquid Light Digital is situated at 29 Hillcrest Avenue in Kingston.  Documentaries, video and TV commercials program can be seen on the company's website Liquid Light Dot Com.  Current updates and new development are posted daily on social network page Facebook.