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Easi B Releases Debut Album ‘Stories Untold’!

(Kingston - Jamaica)  Well it here folks, and it is indeed a very good album by Easi B.  What makes this album special is that it is the first album released on Yumojah Records, a label that was formed by Easi B himself.   ‘Stories Untold’ is a sixteen track album that features four love songs, three Hip-Hop/Reggae fusion, three slow acoustic tracks and six cultural reggae tracks which include singles such ‘Buss Now,’ ‘It Hard’, ‘Why’ and the remix of  ‘Pay Back Time.’ All of which have been released prior to the actual album release.   Another significant reason why this album is a very special project for the UK base, Jamaican Reggae artist is the live combination of sounds by some of Jamaica's top musicians such as Dean Fraser, Dalton Browne (guitarist) and Danny 'Firehouse' Bassey with the assistance of back-up Vocalists  Limey Murray, Sherida and Fiona”.  

Stories Untold is released online via cd baby and itunes, physical distribution will follow subsequently.    Yumojah Records will  be introducing the album at a launch and After Party in Portland, Jamaica when Easi B visits the island late July to August.