Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Isat Grabs English Radio Jocks & Media Attention!

New Reggae sensation Isat is already creating Fireworks among local and international radio jocks and media representatives.  A buzz has been created and even though it needs time to intensify, is impressive as it now stands.  Eysat is a hard worker and extremely determine and confident individual; passionate about his music, he displays all the right attitude and professionalism; nsync with talent and striking good looks making him a good aspirant for mainstream and moving much quicker than anticipated.

Isat’s, first release was a collaborative effort between him and his brother, Hip-Hop artiste Tafari entitled, “Dance the Night Away.”  Still a hot single, the song has not yet gotten the desired exposure but definitely showed that he has done his homework and is quite aware of the opportunities that exist for upcoming artistes in the Reggae music industry.  Grounded in Reggae and its authenticity, Isat has no qualms about the ‘old skool’ Reggae in fact, he relishes the thought of creating the music in its original form.

Isat’s recent release and independent production called, “Unbreakable” is indeed a trendy Reggae song that takes its listener where it is, soothes the mind, gyrate the body and creates a pleasant feeling within.  Unbreakable is the kind of music kids love to listen, it celebrates and encourages love without vulgarity.  Already, Isat has impressed radio jocks and media representatives in London.  He is featured in this month issue of London base Entertainment Frenzy newspaper and has been interviewed live by Daddy D and Empress on Jamrock Radio.  During the interview, “Unbreakable” and “Don’t Give Up” (featuring Big Youth and Tafari) singles got multiple spins as Isat was officially introduced to Londoners.  It is understood that Unbreakable has been 'well received' in the United Kingdom and also getting spins by Halle Elderbridge of the UK Top 10, Ms Elderbridge flew to Jamaica to interview the artiste.  Isat shoots a new video for Unbreakable on the weekend of September 24th in Montego Bay.

New Gyptian/Cush Hunta Collaboration!

(Kingston, Jamaica 1st, Sept. 2010) It is already established that Cush Hunta is “Ready Fi Buss”…..Following him has become very interesting as he is proving to be very talented and pleasantly unpredictable.  The ubiquitous artiste has teamed up with International chart- topping act Gyptian to record what is undoubtedly another hit song entitled 'Love Confessions'. The track is produced by Michael Fletcher for Cush Hunta’s management company, Cornerstone Productions Limited with David Burke as co executive producer. The musical arrangement was masterfully created by Michael Fletcher (who also plays the acoustic guitar and keyboards) with Robert Brownie on electric guitars. The expert mixing engineer was Kamal Evans with background vocals sweetly done by singers Althea Hamilton and Nicole Burt.

Love Confessions is a typical ballad that will catapult Cush towards star status and should augur well as another chart topper for Gyptian.  Although his recent accomplishments took many by surprise, Gyptian began to cement a legacy in Reggae music with his hit making attitude from the get go and this has translated to the success he now relishes. The soulful crooner, Gyptian and his unique “purr”, coupled with Cush Hunta’s deep raspy voice will stop the ladies dead in their tracks! On this one, Michael Fletcher and producers Calvin Hunter, Darlton Fuller and David Burke manages to capture both artistes in a relaxed mood that is seemingly unfamiliar to fans. Together they laid down a seductive sounding track that sets it apart from other collaboration Gyptian has done. Evidently, Cush Hunta has over the past few months matured nicely in his career.  He is definitely churning up the hits, finding the right collaborations and dropping the singles/tracks in a timely manner. Additionally, his lyrics are tight and his ideas are on point for a yearning captive market.

So what has changed about this artiste since entering the business in the early nineties?  Confidence; Cush Hunta is blazing a trail and has proclaimed his desire to become a much talked about artiste. On another of his new  tracks,  “Mi Name fi Call”, which flooded the airwaves this past weekend upon its release, Cush pleads to Steve from Truckback and Neil from Cash Flow to release songs he has done for them. This single which can be described as another of his 'self assuring' tracks, was produced by Froggy and is a comical 'jab' at producers in the local and international music business. With five robust songs in circulation (Ready Fi Buss, A De Same Ting, No Skylarking featuring Marcia Griffiths and Phaze Kryme, Love Confessions featuring Gyptian and Mi Name fi Call) coupled with a new “Ready Fi Buss” video with a solid management team, road manager Chester Watson and Publicist – New Image Promotions the Cush Hunta brand has effectively hit the market and it is now time to see how well the market yields to Cush Hunta.