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Introducing Upcoming Reggae Artist Isat!

" Think... John Legend, Maxi Priest, Dennis Brown, the soulful voice of Sade, all mixed and then complimented with the royal blood of Big Youth... That's the sound of Isat !" (Kingston, Jamaica) With his new single “Unbreakable” Isat (Eysat) is on a musical mission to carve a niche for himself in the globally fierce competitive entertainment industry.  One could say music runs through his veins as Isat seeks to build on the success of his Dad, reggae's living legend Big Youth and brother Tafari. “ Music and writing are my passion. I draw inspiration from personal experiences, whether it is relationships, daily encounters, or various struggles/challenges. Through the lyrics and musical composition, one can learn about a situation and feel a sense of connectivity to the reality of it ,” says Isat.  We introduce you and ask that you download and play Isat's "Unbreakable" for your audience and please send us your feed back.  Download here :   http://ww