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Showing posts from July 4, 2010

Fantan Mojah Turn On The Thrills in Cologne while Nesbeth Pushes New Video!

Fantan Mojah turned on the thrills at Summerjam in Cologne, Germany last weekend.  The receptive crowd showed their appreciation of his performance from his introduction of his set through to the deliveries of popular tracks including Tell Lie Pon Rasta, Nuh Build, Hail the King and Stronger to name a few.  His performance lasted well over an hour and Fantan fully commanded the attention of the very large crowd as he had the audience harmoniously participating to his requests for a preview of his performance click to watch v=e6mT6y8wlkU Nesbeth who co-hosted FIWI Choice Top 10 show on TVJ last weekend made use of his appearance to promote his long awaited video for his, “A Nuh Suh Mi Waan Live” single.  Nesbeth went further as during his performances at both the JCDC Road Show in Falmouth where he wowed the crowd and Invasion another event held in Ocho Rios, he wasted no time plugging the release. A Nuh Suh Mi Waan Live video was shot and

Bramma Nominated for an Awards in Bermuda!

Bramma’s work ethic has created a good relationship with sound system and radio djs throughout the United States and Europe from inception.  In many instances new tracks by Bramma enjoys multiple blasts online by several djs at their own free will.  This came as a result of his networking, sharing and commitment to fulfill promises made to djs who return the favour by spreading the music in their respective circles both in cyber and the real world.  Bramma’s respect also extends from upcoming artistes based overseas who are trying to get their music out as well, this trait has its pay day as November 2009 saw Bramma leave the island on tour for Europe where he performed at over 8 events, a full spread feature in Riddim Magazine in Germany, CD Mix distributed across Gloucester, London and today, Bramma benefits yet again from networking, having been nominated in the category of Best Reggae Song in the UMA (Underground Music Awards) in Bermuda click to see Tha Underground A