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Upcoming Entertainers Bittah DJ Currency & Four-Five Outstanding Hometown Performance!

In My Opinion!
(Kingston, Jamaica 8th, Sept. 2010) Some people are confused as to what is normal versus abnormal.  Some Dancehall music (the ones that constantly disrespect women) and technology among other things have perfectly created a, disconnect between women and men in general.  It is trendy to ‘chit-chat’ on smartphones but indeed quite interesting to see party goers, looking swag, with their heads down, fingers busy sending messages and photos to friends on the dance floor while a party is in full swing!  Parties were meant to be the place one goes to unleash, dance up a storm, get intoxicated and have fun.  But these days having fun has taken on a whole new meaning.  Is it that the DJS have failed?  Is it that the music has lost its appeal?  Is it that we have become a people who now walk with our heads down and totally unaware of what is happening around us? Have our men lost interest in the ladies?  Have our ladies lost interest in our men? What will it take to regain self consciousness and purpose? Whew! In my opinion one place to start is with the artistes writing once again, music that celebrates the beautiful union of a woman and a man then the djs could go back to promoting male/female union and maybe, just maybe, bring back some magic in the parties.

Upcoming Entertainers Bittah DJ Currency & DJ Four-Five Outstanding Hometown Performance!
Not many people take interest in an upcoming artiste’s journey. Usually, an artiste background is known after he/she becomes a public figure.  While it is challenging for an upcoming artiste to get public attention in the early stages of his career, there are some who believes that it is a deliberate attempt to sabotage their growth.  However, the challenge of getting public attention is usually brought on by the artiste themselves as they fight harder to convince the masses of their uniqueness and in so doing, the best place to start is home.
Upcoming artiste Bittah has bridged the first challenging phase of his career convincing his hometown folks that he is unique and made for the Dancehall/Reggae industry. Last Saturday, September 4th, Bittah rocked his hometown crowd with an outstanding performance at the annual Young Money Promotions house party event held in Red Hills, St. Andrew. Working with DJ Currency and DJ Four Five who set the tone for his performance, Bittah could do no wrong.  After being called to perform, the young artiste hit the stage with his popular T.G.I.F. Tremma House produced track and literally flattened the venue.  He then dropped another hometown favorite, “Nah Buy Gal” to thunderous uproar and from there on, the applauses were so overwhelming one could hardly hear his introduction of the other tunes.  Bittah’s 35 minutes performance was well received and left the young artiste feeling quite satisfied that he has made his mark in his community especially after many questioned his ability when it was discovered that his ambition was to become an Internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae artiste. 
DJ Currency and DJ Four-Five also “stole the night” during the playoff segment at the same event and gave a performance that left patrons in awe!  It is clear that the DJs have matured over the past few months and the experience gained from spinning on N-A-GETIC Radio has now manifested.  A DJ Currency/DJ Four-Five typical playoff set involves Four-Five selecting while Currency ‘hype’ the party.  Both work in unison to bring about the real party vibe that keeps party goers off the smartphones.

Eysat Gets Familiar with the Local Industry! Eysat has been making his rounds and getting familiar with the industry.  As customary, the upcoming Reggae artiste has been out in the streets representing and has been seen and heard on several local cable stations, mainstream television stations and radio programmes as well as making cameo appearances at events as he enforces his campaign with aim to create a buzz within the local industry.  With plans to drop a new video well underway and video shoot scheduled for September 24th in Montego Bay, Eysat’s focus is to get in the game as quickly as possible to create his own brand for a prospective future.

HIGHLIGHTS! Fantan Mojah has returned home after a month long Europe tour.  Stevie Face’s, “Tell It Like It Is” album sits at number 11 on Reggae Vibe Top 50 Album Chart for July and August 2010.  Sophia Brown drops new single entitles Lovers Rock on her independent Musicmecka Label.  Nesbeth also releases new track, “Can’t Waste My Time” on the Journey Rhythm.