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(Kingston, Jamaica 22nd, Sept. 2010) Reggae Artiste Nesbeth has made known his disappointment in not being able to launch his outreach programmed due to lack of funding. “Things have been extremely tight for many persons and companies even during the recession and I think the timing was a bit off because people were more focused on back to school preparation” said Nesbeth.

The Nesbeth Outreach programme was conceptualized to assist needy persons and was to be launched on August 28th, 2010 in Arnette Gardens, the hometown of the soft spoken Reggae Artiste.  Nesbeth had met with the Principal of the Charlie Smith Comprehensive High School in Arnette Gardens, Mr. Dennis Kelly; who expressed his desire to access funding that will aid some of the schools’ most pressing needs.  These included but are not limited to purchasing a refrigerator and the refurbishing the schools’ cafeteria as well as purchasing sporting equipments and gears to facilitate its cricket, netball, football and track and field teams.  Nesbeth has been concerned about students attending school without money to purchase lunch and hoped to garner corporate sponsorship to assist in a lunch subsidy program.  The Nesbeth Outreach, would have also assisted elderly folks in the community by way of seeking medical assistance in the Health Ministry to visit the community and administer hypertension, diabetes, heart and a general check up many of the elderly folks would not have been able to afford.

However, Nesbeth has not given up hope and have now gone back to the drawing board to seek, “a new way forward” in launching this programme, one that is “close to his heart” because he witnesses the depression of the people daily.


Cush Hunta is enjoying multiple spins on almost all mainstream radio stations in Jamaica.  DJ after DJs on various radio stations has been heard playing their most rated Cush Hunta track/single from a group of five that flooded the airwaves over the past week.  One veteran DJ on Jamaica’s only all Reggae radio station, Irie FM was heard saying during his programme that ‘it is not about who plays Cush Hunta’s Ready Fi Buss single first but who is the first DJ to break to artiste’, the DJ made the statement after several spins of Ready Fi Buss.

Cush’s five singles (No Skylarking ft. Marcia Griffiths and Phaze Kryme, Love Confessions ft Gyptian, Ready Fi Buss, A De Same Ting and Name Fi Call) now in rotation are reflective of his self empowerment state of mind, flexibility with topics and readiness for stardom.  After years of insurmountable challenges which he makes reference of on his Ready Fi Buss track saying, “You think it easy fi a deejay from when and you old and gray and nothing no gwaan since then.” Cush Hunta appears poised and “Ready Fi Buss”