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Nesbeth’s Calgary Performance a Resounding Success!

In My Opinion!
(Kingston, Jamaica 26th, Aug 2010) Driving Cellie Users are at risk of adding to the statistics of fatal accidents yearly and should not only be mindful of this trendy habit but kick it to the curb! Recently, Dancehall artiste Bramma, became a victim of the treacherous act (talking on a cell phone while driving) but thankfully his life has been spared.  He was driving his car when he noticed another vehicle heading towards his.  Bramma stopped his car, held the horn and feverishly indicated to the other driver to stop but that did not prevent a head on collision.  The driver later told Bramma that he was actually on his cell phone speaking to his girlfriend, WOW!  Bramma got the shivers and headache, he drove to the hospital where he was checked and sent home, so he is fine.  As for his vehicle the front was damaged but both he and the driver of the other vehicle are in dialogue.  Driving Cellie Users’, ‘we need to kick this habit, its DANGEROUS!!’

Nesbeth’s Calgary Performance a Resounding Success!
Nesbeth has returned from Calgary where he performed at the Calgary International Reggae Festival sharing stage with the likes of Beres Hammond and Kenyatta Hill and the Inner Circle Band.  The artiste is beaming about his overall experience, the hospitable treatment of the promoters and the aroused reception from the large crowd in attendance of the event, made his experience “one he will not forget in a long time.”
Not often enough, positive reports of the hospitality shown to some artistes by promoters make the news.  Nesbeth however, applaud the Promotional Team of the Calgary International Reggae Festival for their professionalism and hospitality.  “It felt good especially after a delayed flight that had me waiting in one airport for over 5 hours and having to night over in Toronto before getting into Calgary.”
Nesbeth’s performance was well received, from beginning to end.  Upon entering the stage at approximately 6:00pm he introduced his first selection and most popular song to date, “Boardhouse” to the delight of the fans whose reception blew him away and he had to perform the song repeatedly.  He went on to introduce other selections such as I Love Her, Drive By, Mama’s Smile, A Nuh Suh Mi Waan Live, Reggae Music, Guns Out, Friend Killa, Baby Mother in between friendly ‘chit-chattering with the crowd then ended his set with a rendition of Bob Marley’s One Love single.  At the end of his one hour encore performance, Nesbeth was recalled to do a few more tracks which he delightfully did for his now ecstatic audience before exiting the stage.  He would have stayed longer but the event demanded the performances of the other artistes billed to whom eventually rocked it in their respective slots.
Now back at home, the work continues for an artiste whose unique sound and positive lyrics are slowly but surely receiving the attention of international Reggae fans as it rightfully should.

FLASHBACK! Of all the nominations vetted out by the organizers of the 2010 EME Awards that involves the artistes we represent, Bramma’s nomination was the most pleasant surprise.  Understanding the intricacies of how winners are selected, this nomination was indeed a major achievement for the now seasoned Dancehall artiste who ended 2009 with an impressive STING performance, his first on a major show, while fresh from his first tour in Europe.  Bramma did not walk away with that awards but went of to win “Best Reggae Song” award in Bermuda in June.