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Young DJ Currency gets recognition, makes his move!

Kingston, Jamaica 21-7-10 Aundre ‘DJ Currency’ Perkins has been receiving ‘bravado’ for his selections/mixes by a growing fan base of Dancehall enthusiats locally and internationally.  Currency mixes are said to be ‘ hot, current and particularly enjoyed by young Dancehall fanatics namely:- teenagers and young adults’.  DJ Currency started out from home,  getting familiar with computer softwares that teaches how to mix, collecting music with the use of free music download before exerting that knowledge in and around his neighbourhood playing at parties.  The 21 year old Aquarian grew up listening to different genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae,Dancehall and other Caribbean music which explains his keen sense of “what’s hot,” his most recent mix Graffiti Vol 2 is a hot commodity in the streets.
DJ Currency who spins on N-A-GETIC Internet Radio Thursdays and Fridays weekly,  have intrigued taxi operators in and around Kingston, Spanish Town, Duhaney Park, Red Hills and along Red Hills Road with the mixes.  A friend and big fan of Currency’s mixes has been playing them at home at the infamous Cassava Piece ‘Gullyside”  (so often mentioned in Mavado’s songs) and have returned on numerous occasion for copies requested by his neighbours. Now the mixes have gone further now in circulation among Dancehall fans in Washington DC and Birmingham, London.  “This is just the beginning, I just have to keep working because I can feel the energy” says Currency who took a few quick seconds from his computer to say just that before donning his headphones and assertively got into mixing, scratching and bopping his head, uummh!!! U go Currency! U will make it youth. :)