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'Bittah' A Young Reggae Artist to Watch!

Kingston, Jamaica 21-7-10 Jahni ‘Bittah’ Cole’s career path became evident back in 1993 when he entered and placed second in a competition put on by veteran Reggae Artiste Ernie Smith in his Sterling Castle hometown/community situated in the cool hills of the Parish of St. Andrew.  He did a rendition of Dancehall artiste Beenie Man “Matie a nuh good sittin” track and won  J$500 for his efforts which was used to purchase a pair of shoes. 

Though he tried 9-5 and even went through the vigourous training for  joining the Army, nothing took precedence in his life that could deter him from getting involved in the local music industry.  Bittah's journey begun January 2007 when he took to the streets to hang out with friends (his biggest motivators) to improve his craft and build his confidence.  He recorded his first song in a friend’s mini home studio and knew then that he was ready to enter the big league. 

Bittah spent the better part of 2008 trying to find a studio home in Kingston, he found himself hopping from one studio to the next not getting much done.  However 2009 proved to be a better year as he not only got into a studio but did a few recordings, although nothing became of the songs he recorded, it was early days yet and Bittah felt satisfied from the experience gained.  That same year Bitta met and joined Tremma House Productions studios and has been working with them since; today with every opportunity Bittah improves his craft.  His voice levels have improved tremendously over the few months enabling him to control and project better sounds for clarity. Bittah soon release his first track on Tremma House rythmn entitled, Thank God Its Friday (T.G.I.F.).  This song show off his skills as he comfortably wraps his lyrics around the party bouncing rhythm stylishly, creating the difference so often heard in veterans such as Vybz Kartel, and Mavado’s songs.
Bittah went on to release two other tracks namely, Nuh Play With People and his most recent Party In The Streets.  Two of Bittah’s most outstanding releases Thank God It’s Friday (T.G.I.F.), and “Show Love”  produced by young Terro Flex are available for download on itunes and Amazon, click the link below