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New Image Promotions Artistes Update Jan 2nd 2010

I-Octane is moving into 2010 at the top of the list outstanding
Reggae artisteThey came, they saw and they conquered.   
Words in the streets are that despite the highly anticipated performances by the Gully and Gaza kings Vybz Kartel and Mavado, Reggae artiste I-Octane, gave one of the most memorable performances at STING 2009.  Octane’s controversial entry on stage at STING sparked much media blitz but I-Octane’s explanation for his comments were that his remarks had to do with some commotion that occurred backstage which brought about a disgruntled feeling on his path and this had to do with unsettled matters with the promoters and so upon entering the stage, “I was beckoning to the media to get ready for what will be an headline performance by me”.  Octane went on to explain that he was basically sending a message to the news editors present that “this little artiste (referring to his self) who had been shelved for a long time is gonna bring it tonight at STING and that they must ensure his performance makes headline news the next day”.  Having cleared that up we move on to his STING 2009 performance.  Tune after tune Octane unleashed strings of hits by him as he gave a performance his fans were yet to behold.  One of his biggest applause for the night came when drew his number single “Mama You Alone”, he even made mention of the fact that the Gully vs Gaza truce has created a long awaited opportunity for artistes such he, to rise to the occasion of producing and delivering edifying Reggae music.  In our previous release we did mention that I-Octane is one of the most promising Reggae artistes moving into 2010 and this is indeed a fact.  We therefore take this opportunity to congratulate Byiome Muir a.k.a. I-Octane for this very bold step toward a promising future.
Nesbeth in above board and next in line among the most outstanding Reggae artistes this season Reggae artiste Nesbeth creates music that upon reflection is good for New Year resolutions.  His current releases, “A nuh so me waan live” and ‘Question’ are perfect selections at this time of year and has been getting much props from several radio jocks locally and internationally.  A nuh so me waan live is already a big hit in Kenya, a market that Nesbeth seems to be making an impact since late last year.  The artiste STING 2009 performance resolute his place among the list of outstanding Reggae artistes last season and in the near future.  He like many other artistes who performed at STING 2009 had his scheduled time of performance readjusted due to the show’s late start, creating the opportunity to perform before a full house of over 30,000 patrons in attendance to whom would have settled and hyped for the night’s proceeding.  Nesbeth did not disappoint and received a grand welcome upon entering the stage and from there could do no wrong as he received thunderous cheers delivering his hits singles Boardhouse, Drive By, Guns Out and Friend Killa.  Interestingly Nesbeth did not perform one of the two singles released this month, “A Nuh Suh Mi Waan Live” but instead he introduced his most current “Question” produced to by Pink Panther and that too received thunderous applause.  Like I-Octane, Nesbeth is hopeful that 2010 is the year for conscious Reggae artistes in to shine in Jamaica.