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Artistes Update Nov 26th – Dec 24th 2009!!

Recently one local newspaper carried a headline that asks, “Is Jamaica losing Reggae?” as well as suggestion by some pundits that international Reggae does not need Jamaica.  The article reflects a vast decline in digital sales of current Reggae music and shows that the top selling Jamaican artiste is none other than the late legendary Robert Nesta Marley, the King of Reggae.  Of course one must agree that this is reason enough for anyone to become concerned, however in my opinion all is not lost.  The  article also quote one Swiss musicologist as saying "the role of Jamaica would still be important but that the music is less entertainment and more education for some (Europe base) Reggae artiste".  Music is described as the so-called international language and it provides enjoyment that can transcend cultural differences.  Having said that I believe the local industry is still grappling with music and technology but all is not loss and for those who doubt it was the same Bob Marley who in an interview with Dylan Taite in Aotearoa, New Zealand in 1979 when asked if the music can be copied states, “it can be copied  yes but is not the copy do it is the feel” click to watch Many of our Jamaican Reggae artistes represents the voices of the people and sing about things that affect us all for example let us look at  a song written by Reggae artiste Nesbeth  entitle “Drive By” .  The song  addresses real life instances of drive by shootings and the video demonstrate clearly what its like for those who experience it.   Now there are persons who could actually write about  such an experience  but as Bob Marley put it "is not the copy, is the feel".

It is a fact that record sales have depleted over the years but digital sales are booming, Reggae music is universal and many Reggae fans in Europe , Asia and other parts of the world might never travel to Jamaica but will forever search for the Jamaican artistes who have stories to tell, some happy some sad.  Watch the reaction of Reggae fans to Fantan Mojah's performance in Slovakia and Duisburg recently in Europe in answering the question, “Is Jamaica losing Reggae” the answer in my opinion is “No!”  My suggestion is that the local music industry needs  a total makeover, a regulatory body and an organized structure that is proactive in finding ways to market this very powerful music product called Reggae!! 

Enough said now we look at this week Artiste Update…..Nesbeth is about to release another mind boggling single entitle “A nuh so mi waan live” his first joint production with Jan Biggs Label the producers of his latest single Drive By.  Nesbeth fans will get a chance to see him perform on a major stage before the year ends at Sting 2009, December 26th at Jamworld.  He is also scheduled to perform on Tastee Talent Trail  next Saturday December 5th.

Dancehall artiste Bramma leaves the island soon for Europe where he is schedule to perform at over 8 venues in London, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, the young Dancehall artiste remains buoyant among top Dancehall acts as it draws close to the end of the year.  Bramma current singles “Nuh Fear Nobody” and “Thank God mi know” are currently burning up the airwaves, both have significantly impacted the local market since the release of his “Guided by the master” and “Its Wateva” tracks.

Highlights!!!!!! In other news Fantan Mojah and Christina Starz will be performing live this weekend on St. Ann Heritage Fest.  Fantan is currently in Grand Cayman for a show and returns on Saturday St. Ann Heritage Fest while Christina is schedule to perform on the Tastee Talent Trail next Saturday December 5th.  I-Octane recently shot the video for his “Loose a friend” single which is expected to be release soon.  New Image Promotions welcome promising Reggae artiste Cush Hunta to our camp, Cush Hunta caught the attention of the local media when he performed his current single, "Mi want my own" at STING 2009 Poster Launch recently.  DJ Currency  is about to release yet another cd mix entitle "The 25th", the mix is strickly for the streets and DJ Currency is quick to point out that "this one has parental advisory".  Another interesting title for a tough Dancehall mix so be ready to download a copy of "The 25th".  We have come to the end of another month and would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans, have a good one and stay bless!